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FC300 Flip Chip Die Bonder:

FC300 Flip Chip Die Bonder

The FC300 is a low cost entry level system, and is ideal for prototype work and low volume flip chip bonding requirements.

Using a single colour camera with TFT flat screen monitor, precise alignment of die to substrate is carried out by means of an optical bi-prism.

A glass table supports both die presentation and substrate work-holder, whilst a motor driven head assembly ensures precise vertical bonding capability.

Bond forces of up to 1Kg can be achieve by simply adding or subtracting dead weights to the bond head. Die placement accuracy is possible to within 10 microns.


Loose dice can be presented in either Waffle or Gel packs, A variety of vacuum pickup tools is available to suit most applications.


A work-holder pedestal is supplied to suit flat substrates of up to 50mm square. Other heated and non-heated work-holders can be supplied upon request.


A colour camera with TFT flat screen monitor is supplied. An on-screen adjustable target box is incorporated for die alignment and placement positions.

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