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Semiconductor Equipments

Die Bonders:

Die Handlers:

Bonder Testers:

Wet Benches:

Now we offer cleaning, rinsing and drying equipment for processing silicon wafers, flat panel displays and other microelectronics substrates. Our goal is to offer the best possible products to our customers utilizing our multiple years of experience.

We provide manual, semi-automated and fully-automated wet stations customized to meet customers' requirements (such as pre-diffusion cleaning, nitride films etching and photoresist stripping etc).

Other Semiconductor Equipments:

We sell semiconductor equipments from the following major manufacturers:

  • Applied Materials
  • Cammax
  • Cookson
  • ElectroGlas
  • IBM
  • K&S
  • Micro Swiss
  • MTI
  • SemiTool
  • Tegal
  • Universal Far East
  • Varian

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