The Cerquad is available with a wide range of Lead counts and body sizes. The Cerquad is a hermetic surface mount package. The ceramic/lead frame/ceramic system is held together hermetically by glass to create both an internal die connection and external board connection. Some packages are designed with a window frame on the top of the lead frame, adding strength. Others without a window frame must use a cup-shaped ceramic lid. The Cerquad has a proven track record and is still being used by semiconductor technologies such as: Digital to Anolog converters, Microwave, Logic, Memory, Microcontrollers and Video controllers.


  • 14-304 Lead count,25-50 mil lead pitch
  • Hermetic surface mount package
  • Lead Form: Flat, Gull Wing, J-Bend
  • Lead Plating: Gold, Solder Dip or Tin
  • High thermal conductive ceramic
  • JEDEC standard compliant
  • Wide selection of available cavity size to meet most die size needs