Cerdip is a hermetic package, consist of two pieces of dry pressed ceramic surrounding a "DIP formed" lead frame, The ceramic/LF/ceramic system is held together hermetically frit flass reflowed at temperatures between 400-460 degree centigrade. Cerdip offers a cost-effective, high-performance alternative to the standard three layers ceramic package. It has a wide range of Lead counts and body sizes.


  • Low cost-effective alternative
  • High thermal conductive ceramic
  • JEDEC standard compliant
  • Wide selection of available cavity sizes to meet most die size needs


Notes: All CerDip sets are divided into three parts. these parts including a base, frame, and cap are all available in our inventory.

If you are ready to choose Cerdip package, please make sure the following data could be provided so we can help you to get suitable package sets.

1. Lead count

2. Cavity size(or die size)

3. Die attach method

4. Quantity

5. Select sealing glass type

6. Body width