Leaded Chip Carriers, known also as Flat Packs, are popular in various surface mount applications. The external leads are either Flat, Gullwing or J-Bend configuration. The Flat Packs are found in lower Lead counts; 8-28 leads. Quad Flat Packs and J - Bend Chip Carriers are typically found in higher Lead counts.

Flat Packs have small body outlines and are lightweight. They usually have leads on two sides of the package, which are parallel to the seating plane. Due to these characteristics, the Flat Pack is commonly used in Hi-Rel applications for military airborne equipment.

Quad Flat Packs, QFP's or JLDCC's, are typically with lead counts more than 24 and have leads on all four sides of the ceramic body. These packages are hermetically sealed and proved to an ideal package for high heat dissipation applications. They can be soldered directly to a PC Board or used in a socket. The lead spacing depending on the package can come in .015, .020, .025 and .050 inches.


  • Multi-layer ceramic package
  • Hermetic package
  • Footprint Compatible with CQJB and PLCC
  • Variety of body size
  • Surface mount or socket application