No-lead Flat Pack(QFN)/Leadless Chip Carrier (LCC) Package is a long established standard industry package. This surface mount package consists of a co-fired ceramic base that has metalized terminals/pads on the sides and bottom of the package. All QFN(LCC) package has terminals/pads on all four edges of the package. The lid for this package can be either ceramic "frit sealed" or metal "solder sealed". This package provides a hermetic environment for the IC inside. Conventional, JEDEC and other standard types are also available. QFN(LCC) can be soldered directly to the PC board or used in a socket. QFN(LCC) allows application and design engineers to maximize the performance characteristics of semiconductors (silicon, GaAs, and S.A.W.). These packages enable end products to be reduced in size and weight.


  • Flexible lead/ pad counts
  • Variety of Body Sizes
  • Hermetic package
  • Exceptional thermal and electrical performance by design
  • Multi-layer,ground/power