Ceramic Side Braze, also known as DIP, is a long established standard industry package. This through-hole package consists of a co-fired ceramic base that has leads brazed on two parallel edges of the package. The dual-in-line configuration of the leads makes this package "footprint" compatible to the CerDip or PDIP packages. The lids for this package can either ceramic "frit sealed" or metal "solder sealed". This package provides a hermetic environment for the IC inside. It can be used by semiconductor technologies such as logic, memory, microcontrollers and video controllers.Some end applications are:consumer electronics,commercial electronics,military electronics,automotive and telecommunication packages.


  • 300,400,600 and 900 mil package body widths
  • Easy of PC board mounting and soldering and removing
  • Gold pre-plated lead finish
  • Effective heat dissipation
  • Wide selection of cavity sizes to meet most die size needs
  • Hermetic packager