HCC Aegis designs and manufactures an extensive range of Hermetic Opto-electronic packages.

High reliability, hermetically sealed product in many configurations including standards——Flatpacks(butterfly style), Plug-ins(bathtub style), and platforms (dual-in-line style), and many other sophisticated metal composite packages. These packages are developed to hermetically encapsulate laser diode transmitter and receiver assemblies and other Opto-electronic circuits.

Products can be manufactured with matched glass-to-metal seals or stripline ceramic inserts, utilizing materials ranging from ASTM F-15 to advanced thermal management materials to enhance and optimize device performance.

High-quality products are made in conformance with and certified being compliant to MIL-PRF-38534.

Typical Opto Material Combinations

Base Material
Base Conductivity W/m ~K
CTE X 10-6/~C
Density LBS/in 3
Ring Frame Material
ASTM F-15 14 4.9 .302 ASTM F-15
W/Cu 175 - 205 6.5 - 8.3 .535 - .611 Fe Ni Alloy
Mo/Cu 165 - 185 6.5 - 7.7 .357 - .361 Fe Ni Alloy
Mo 140 6.0 .408 ASTM F-15
Al/SiC 160 6.5 - 8.5 .107 - .110 Contact the factory