Hydrogen & Moisture Catchers
Hydrogen & Moisture Catchers

Proprietary Inks Formulation

  • Polymer binder and ink solution
  • Modified Zeolites
  • High capacity precious metal

3 or 4 component inks:

Printing Inks

  • Printing using an industrial standard polyester screen or equivalent
    • Typically #15/40 (CPC/cpi) mesh
  • Hi-Rel Ltd metal lids used as substrates in all tests
    • Au and Ni plate (on Kovar)
  • Getter Film thickness in tests was 150 µm
    • But range possible from 50 -300 µm
  • Easily cured in air at 120°C for 15 minutes

Hydrogen Capacity

Current industry offering is 45-60 cm3 H2/g of getter

  • H2 Absorbed: 126.5cm3 H2/g of getter
  • H2 Pumping Speed: <1ppm after 24 hours (hermetic enclosure)

Moisture Capacity

Current industry offering 3.5wt% of getter

Note that the system figures above show 100%

capacity the zeolite is achievable

(i.e. no impact of polymer)

Production of moisture from the reaction of H2 with the getter results in approximately 10-20% usage of the Zeolite meaning that 80-90% of its remaining capacity is for moisture from other sources.

  • H2O Absorbed: 10.5 wt% of the ink

Mechanical Integrity Tests

H2 getter integrity on gold and nickel plated lids

  • Shaking: 800osc/min, 24h
  • Centrifuge: 4500rpm, 30 min
  • Temperature Shock: ½ hour at -40°C then 1 hour at 150°C
  • High temperature: 200°C for 24 hours
  • No cracking, flaking of the getter film
  • No dust formation
  • Thermally stable
  • No loss of getter performance after tests

Aging of Getter Inks

Ink Stability (Shelf life)

Aging: 50°C for 1 week

+60°C for 1 week

Equivalent to 6 months, r.t.

Note other samples are currently being aged in longer-term tests

Expected shelf life: >12 months

  • No degradation in ink
  • No problem with screen-printing aged ink

Activation of Getter

  • 120°C in a vacuum oven for 6 hours
    • For moisture gettering activation only as H2 getter component already activated!
    • Lower temperatures may be possible or faster activation times

depending on vacuum conditions

    • Unique polymer lattice does not inhibit activation as experienced with other getter systems

Other Getter Features

  • The proprietary formulation allows us to set the relative capacities for H2 and H2O gettering depending on the unique hermetic package requirements
  • Getter is matt black in appearance
    • Ideal for microwave applications!
  • The getter is partly self EMI shielding
  • Screen print plot can be optimized and positioned accurately in any thickness
  • Additional zeolite components may be added for other trace contaminants


  • Low ionic
    • <<500ppm of Na+, K+, Cl- etc
    • Zero polymer loss from getter post curing phase

H2 Getter Series

  • Highest capacity per volume/mass of getter
  • Cost effective with ease of application and activation
  • Removes both hydrogen and moisture
  • Can be tailored to remove different relative amounts of hydrogen and moisture and other components can be added for removal of other species
  • Totally stable to military test conditions and does not emit any polymer or ionic compounds

Product Benefits

  • Maximised selective absorbent characteristics
  • Optimised selection of zeolites tableted to a high density, without loss of porosity, ensures uptake of all contaminants and minimizes mass/volume of getter tablet for a given duty or the HR1 metal foil getter
  • Available in a variety of sizes and shapes at tight dimensional tolerance to fit the package and encapsulation device
  • Getter can be easily and quickly activated during normal/routine package back-out
  • Good mechanical properties for ease of handling and installation
  • Doesn’t degrade or dust over a minimum 20-year life span

Product Uses

  • To absorb moisture, solvents, hydrocarbons, and CO2 in hermetically sealed electronic component packages including laser fiber-optic pumps, medical applications and diodes etc

General Description

  • The Getters are a range of products containing a proprietary mixture of various zeolites, combined with proprietary cement and pelleted to a tight dimensional tolerance in any required size and shape to fit the package

Physical Properties (Typical)

  • Form - Pellets/slabs of various shapes
  • Size - Can be supplied in a range of sizes

(e.g. 2mm-10mm diameter/lengths, 0.5mm-4mm thickness)

Typical Applications

  • Fibre-Optic 980nm Pump
  • Medical
  • Military

Shipping & Handling

  • Avoid breathing dust.
  • Do not take internally.
  • Please refer to the relevant material safety data sheet for further information.
  • Products are available in a range of specialist containers (e.g. recessed plastic trays or pre-packed glass tubes) depending on the size of order and requirements of handling at the customer site.